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– Accredited Bodies need to maintain at all times a signed contract copy for each client that explicitly states the accreditation of the certificates and its voluntary nature and also explicitly states how it is different from Other Accreditation Boards.

– The Logo of IABCBL can only be used by Accredited Bodies and they have to stop using the logo as soon as they are suspended by the board

Application Fee The first step when seeking accreditation is to submit a completed application form and the application fee so that we can begin consideration of the applicant’s readiness for accreditation. Once accredited or recommended, no further application fee is payable for subsequent extensions of scope within a standard or for additional accreditations or recommendations under the same or any other regulatory recommendation. The fee is not refundable if the applicant withdraws.

Pre-assessment and Initial Assessment Work Pre-assessment or initial assessment work is that required for the grant of accredited status under a standard separate from any currently held.

Surveillance and Re-assessment Work Once accredited, customers will be provided with a five-year programme giving an estimate of the quantity of effort for preparation, assessment, overseas travel and measurement audit work (where applicable).
All other work, including the clearance of any nonconformities identified as a result of an assessment, whether this involves extra visits or not, will be subject to an additional charge.

Extension to Scope Organizations wishing to extend their accreditation or recommendation must complete an appropriate application form for the appropriate category available from our website. Where additional assessor, expert or administration time is involved a separate charge will be made.

Reinstatement Fee Where a customer’s accreditation is suspended for financial reasons e.g. late payment of invoices, a fee will be charged for reinstating the accreditation when the debt has been settled.

TAX as per local laws